The Next step In My Journey


The Next Step

The next step on my journey is to now set my goals for the future.

1/. What do I want to achieve and what is my dream life.

2/. How much do I need to achieve my dream life.


1/. The answer to #1 is fairly easy.

Everyone  wants  to live in a flash house with a nice new shiny car.

Have enough money to travel whenever and wherever they want and be financially free.

I would like a big million dollar mansion with 5 bedrooms, swimming pool, and a 3 car garage like some of those millionaire Internet Marketers have, wouldn’t you.

Nice to dream but a cosy  2-3 bedroom apartment or small house with a small garden to putter around in would be enough for me, 1 of the bedrooms could be an office and the other spare for guests.

2/. How much money do I need to fulfill my dreams?

Well it would be nice to earn a million dollars a year or even 60 thousand a month but I would be quite happy to just earn 3-5 thousand a month. That would be enough for me to live my retirement in comfort and take the occasional trip somewhere nice.

I could even buy myself a nice little car to get around in.

Well now to start putting something into practice so I can make my dreams a reality!!!

Until  next  time.


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