My Journey to making my first $1 online.

Welcome to my first Blog

Hi and welcome to my first blog post.

My name is Gary Burke and I have been trying to make this make money thing on the Internet work for me for about 10 -12 years now and guess what?? Yep you got it still nothing. No sorry I tell a lie. I did get a check from Amazon for a whole $37 but that was after I had been promoting websites for about  6mths. Now I can retire rich if this keeps up. “Yeah Right”

I spent my working life driving trucks and earthmoving machinery but am now retired and 70yrs old. I have been married twice and with my last wife for 23 happy years but unfortunately  she  is now gone so I am living alone.

If you are anything like me you would have done just what I have done in the past. Spent thousands of dollars I don’t have on all the amazing next big thing courses and programs only to end up with nothing to show for it.

I have been to Webinars and bought into some good programs by some big name Internet Marketers but nothing has worked for me. Maybe I don’t have the patience to keep at  them  or they just don’t work.

I had courses from the likes of Mike Filsame, Lee McIntyre, Jim Daniels ,Chris Farrell Membership. Even read Rich Dad Poor Dad. You can see I spent a few dollars on these as some were monthly fees. I even bought Alex Jeffery’s courses which were very good as he was a good teacher and left nothing out, but as usual had a quick look then did nothing. In some of his Webinars he kept referring to a student of his who had gone on to now make thousands of dollars a month implementing what he teaches, but  I took no notice at the time.

A few months ago I started getting emails from a person who I had heard of so the name was familiar. That person was the same one Alex referred to, His name was Dean Holland so I started reading some of them and attending the webinars he mentioned.

I was surprised at the content then he released a program called “The Quick Start challenge’ It was  about  $12 or $14 so I bought it and had a look. It is a course built  up  of 5 weekly tasks to do and at the end of the 5th week you are guaranteed to be up and running and earning money. This course was not like any of the others I had  as everything was laid out for you in a webinar and things to do with a weekly challenge to complete. What I liked about it was how easy it was and the basic  look and do what I do training,

Ok so now I am retired and my wife is no longer here I have all the time in the world so am  going to get stuck in and be dedicated to complete the course.

Please keep coming back as I will be updating this blog with my progress

Until next time hope to see you soon.




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